Avery Jenkins shows you how to handle Hole 1 at the infamous DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course in Santa Cruz, CA in preparation for the 2011 PDGA Pro World Championships August 7-13.

How to Play Hole #1

The first hole at DeLaveaga gives the disc golfer a taste of many of the elements they will encounter on the remainder of the course. This hole begins playing 200 ft up a modest grassy slope. Upon entering the shade of 2 large Monterey pine trees (double mandatories for most pin positions), the hill steepens and becomes rugged as once ascends through a labyrinth of small oaks and more giant pines, with roots and small terraces breaking up the ground and offering only precarious landing zones, at best.

There are presently 4 pin positions for hole 1. Shown below is the view back toward the tee pad from the 2nd longest position. The longest position, tucked into a grassy swatch surrounded by pines directly behind the where the below photo was taken, is rarely used. Another basket position is downslope from the basket shown below, on the 1st terrace. The 4th pin position is downslope to the right of the below photo, and is rarely used (the double mandatories are not in effect for this last position).

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