Historical perspective from 2011 PDGA World Championships

How to play Hole #2

The second hole at DeLaveaga offers a taste of some of the harsh risk-reward scenarios that one encounters on many holes at our course. Hole 2 plays up and over the same steep grade as hole 1, except on a more steep, rocky and rugged part of the slope (to the right of the 1 fairway, this is the slope below the famous top of the world hole, 27). One has the option of throwing a left-turning shot uphill and around the small oaks on the left side of the fairway, throwing a big overhand shot over the top of the oaks, or trying to find a tight route through the oaks themselves (good luck!). Watch out for the oak canopy, because these trees are very effective at catching discs, often above 2 meters (the 2 meter rule is always in effect at DeLaveaga). Once past the oaks, one encounters a rocky terrace with few safe landing zones.

There are 2 pin positions for hole 2, one all the way back at the edge of a tree and shrub-lined cliff on the other side of the terrace, and the other slightly uphill and tucked behind a couple medium-sized trees. The trick to playing this hole is to avoid rolling away down the hill or the cliff, which requires a lot of skill even if you’re just laying up for par. If you’re running at the basket on the cliff edge and you don’t make it, chances are good that you will be taking a decent hike down the hill to find your disc, likely ending up with double bogey or worse.

Caution: Many errant throws from top of the world drop near the teepad for hole 2. Be watchful until you get up to the terrace.

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