Club Meetings

All club members are welcome and encouraged to attend our monthly meetings, which are held on the second Tuesday of each month from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. For details please visit our Facebook page for the monthly meeting event notification for location.

February 2022 Meeting Minutes

Delaveaga DGC February Monthly Meeting (2_8_2022).pdf

January 2022 Meeting Minutes

Delaveaga DGC January Monthly Meeting (1/11/2022)  

Location:  Paradox Hotel Bar (Grove Rm)  by  Rob Hapner


Attendees:  Greg Churchill, Ian Sun, Erick Carrol, Rob Hapner, CJ Jahr, Bobby Wasabi, Tom Audisio, Peter Kline, Jeff Rockwell, Stan Pratt, Tyrus Cramer

First meeting of the year was called to order at 5:30 PM

Roll Call

Reading of the minutes from December's meeting was done by Bobby Wasabi

Officers Reports


⦁Main goal for 2022 will be to have the club's finances in order especially it's 501(c)3 status. Another goal will be to get The Shack back into the club's hands or at least get the ball rolling to try to get back control. Erosion control projects and supporting the efforts of the Maintenance crew will be an ongoing project for the club per city requirements as well as maintaining and growing our relationship with the city which Sean and Matt have done a good job. 

⦁Long term goal: work with the Board to try to get bigger projects like getting water, an actual clubhouse, restrooms and a master plan for a park. 

⦁Since the last club meeting Rob, CJ and Jeff (DeLa club Pres and Board) had a meet and greet with the city, Travis Beck Superintendent of Parks, to let the city know where the club's point of view, our perspective and where we are within the club and how we see ourselves within the course and in the parks. One of the first things Travis brought up was he wanted more parking, bringing in water as well as Wi-Fi. The city brought up what they wanted for the park before anybody was able to bring anything up including bathrooms with running water. The city would also like to eventually make DeLa a pay-for-play. During this meeting with the city, Jeff R mentioned that the ball golf course up at DeLaveaga has a budget that is supplemented by half by the city where the DeLa dg course is getting more visitors, 30-50% daily, from outside the region which brings in money to the city. By having these raw numbers and data we can show the city that the dg course should be getting a bigger slice of the equitable pie. Ian S. added that the club should encourage people to use UDisk in order to track how many rounds and people visit the course to be able to have that data handy when meeting with the city. During the meeting the city also brought up their concerns regarding liability insurance and the use of personal vehicles however the club can push back and insist that the city should be providing said insurance since the volunteers are the ones doing the work. When an MOU gets worked out the club will have to make it so the city pays for the liability insurance for the equipment and vehicles used on the course for maintenance purposes. As far as equipment the Club will continue to work with Miles who is actually responsible for all the upper park not just the golf course but the dg course as well. Miles has said that the club knows what they are doing when it comes to the projects they have done, example the handrails around the tee box for #2. Bottom line, the city wants the club to have some sort of insurance for liability reasons and communicate with them what it is that we are doing. They understand that we are doing good things for the property up top. Rob H also let the City know that the DeLa website has been staying up to date with links to the city's Parks and Recs dept. as well as a link to the parking passes which they were really impressed by. Travis also wants the Club to consider adding to the website, referencing that the course is a city of Santa Cruz parkland and managed in cooperation with the Parks and Rec dept. According to the city, while it may feel like the upkeep and responsibility is solely of the disc golfers, as stated in the support DeLa page, they don't think it's 100% accurate. Parking infrastructure, restrooms, trash services, tree work and materials for erosion control. While the city may not be 100% correct on this they are correct in having some services available to the course. Jeff R suggested that members try to make themselves available to attend Parks and Rec meetings to let them know of the amount of players that visit the course as well as the amount of hours worked by our volunteers or creating some sort of report to read to the Parks and Rec dept. The city will present an MOU to the club which will be reviewed most likely with legal help to make sure the understanding is agreeable.

⦁Budget for 2022 year is in the works since at the time of the meeting not all financial information was available. One goal will be to try to have separate accounts for the Club and Master's Cup and with our 501(c)3 status the club will have to donate some money to a charity or create a scholarship for tax benefits and purposes. As of now we have created separate accounts for the Club (checking) and Master's Cup (savings) under the same membership. They are physically separate but under the same umbrella. The Club has always donated money to other clubs, to help start other courses and to support other tournaments, however the lack of paying taxes for the last 9 years has complicated the 501(c)3 process. 

⦁Covid and ongoing course club safety standards. The club has been keeping with the city's Covid requirements which have been heightened and have avoided any mega events, which is more than 5,000 people. Any indoor activity masks are required.


⦁Membership drive was great. Rob H added that the membership drive was f*ing incredible. There were about 90 participants in the bag tag challenge while selling close to 100 memberships day of, and raising over $5k. Although this was a great day of membership drive we could do a lot more. Looking forward to next year the membership drive will need to change in order to increase membership. Silicon Valley and San Francisco blew us out of the water because they were able to accommodate more people by having tee times through Disc Golf Scene. By doing a shotgun start and having a number of holes closed not as many people were able to play. Some people got turned down because there simply wasn't enough time. It was already 9:30a and people were still trying to buy in and the tournament needed to start. Perhaps make the membership drive a weekend event with tee times to accommodate more future members. Tom A. added that we could go to the city with logged volunteer hours to ask for a permit to shut the course to make the membership drive event happen. Tom A. also asked if we could do tee times for the next bag tag challenge to which Ian S. suggested that we could not due to how people play early and may not want to wait around all day to figure out what tag they are getting once all rounds have concluded.

⦁At this point the club raised $7,310 in memberships and merchandise. 150 memberships: 140 men, 7 women and 3 juniors. That's $5,100 from memberships alone. $2,200 was from merchandise. 150 tags sold in one week and 150 more tags to go. Peter K. added that the quality of the tags this year were great and a lot of people liked them. All the merchandise has been paid off, even Matt's hats that some people didn't care for.

⦁Discs. The club is about halfway through the DGA discs that were purchased recently with some Innova discs still leftover. This is a rough estimate since there hasn't been a count of the discs that we have available.

⦁People are still reaching out for memberships and next monthly Ian S. will be out there selling memberships to those people that want them. Rob H added that a link exist on the DeLa website for those people that are inquiring about memberships. We should make an effort to direct people to the site where they can obtain up to date information regarding the club, memberships, etc. Once our 501 3c status is secured we will be able to have paypal links for direct purchase of memberships or merchandise.

⦁One of the membership items that were to be included were DeLa stickers instead of patches that was discussed in a club meeting back in November. The order was delayed and just placed recently with Shawn Adams for $169.34 for 300 stickers that are the same size as the patches from last year but will not include the membership year just the club name.

Treasurer Report:

⦁Physically Greg C. has nothing on hand since he has been having a hard time meeting up with the previous treasurer. For sure there is $7,100 and another $350 that Tom A. was supposed to hand to him from lost and found sales to Play It Again Sports. Tom A. said that he waits to gather a good lot to take to PIAS before handing a check over to the treasurer however there have not been as many discs in the L&F box which leads him to believe that there must be some scavenger finding discs and selling them directly to PIAS rather than turning them into the L&F.

⦁From the information available from Stan who was present, we have $4,500 in the club account and $1,600 in the Master's Cup account to date. Not including the funds raised from the membership drive.

⦁Peter K suggested that the club trademark the DeLa logo to control who uses our logo especially if our logo is being sold at The Shack. The club needs to tread lightly until we get some legal representation but it is something that we should consider especially if we need to raise funds for course maintenance and projects.

Secretary/Communications Report:

⦁The current Secretary, Bobby W, needs to do a better job communicating with the previous Secretary, Ian S, as far as getting messages to the club members via Facebook or other social media with regards to meetings and minutes and anything else.

⦁DeLa needs to make itself better known on Instagram since there are many disc golf pros who frequent the platform. Rob H made a great suggestion in having the members participate in growing the DeLa IG account by maybe doing some sort of campaign where they can tag DeLa with their individual pics of the course.

Maintenance Update

⦁Holes #2, 13-17, 25-26A closed for erosion control. All baskets will be back in the Friday before the Enduro Bowl and some will remain in mainly the I5 stretch of holes


⦁There was a request from Innova to us to move the Discatchers from the Muni to our course for the dates of May the 6th to the 17th for 11 days so that the pros can practice and play during the pro event.

⦁Matt B. is talking with Innova so that we can get more baskets for the event because as soon as the event is over on Saturday, all baskets have to be pulled from the top course and sent over to the Muni before the Sunday event starts which is a nightmare for the volunteers who are making the event happen. Rob H said that we have to push Innova to provide the tournament with the extra baskets because the pros will not have any baskets to practice on in the Muni course, only the top course there by making the club look bad because we are the ones hosting the event. We will need those baskets, in a timely fashion.

Old Business

Bank Account- already discussed

Online Store

Tied in to the bank account which is tied to the 501 3c

Online Membership - already discussed

Keys to what and where

Rob H will get with Matt B to exchange keys to everything.

Ian spoke with RJ about getting the iron ranger back in action with an extra space above to add a sign for donations with QR code and any other info made available to players

Marketing/Club memberships

Pop up and maybe obtain “feathers” to announce when the club is out for membership sales as well as promote during tournaments.

Travis from the city will also be posting a link in the city’s website to our DeLa website. The city has a link to disc golf but not to our club page instead it goes to the ball golf course site. Now we are legit and officially on the city’s website.

Location for club meetings

Dec the Grove room cost us $100, in Jan the rate was $150. Louden Nelson center charges by hour. The library is an option, free but it's a limited time since library meetings would have to end by 6p. We need to look into the club to see if we can get a solid lead to have a place to hold our meetings during the time of the year when the weather doesn’t allow for meetings to be held at the Rangeside Bar.

Online meetings/Voting

Google Meets was provided for this month's meeting but no attendees. Google Forms has many helpful tools to maybe allow for online voting. Online voting needs to be included in our bylaws to allow for voting and move forward on items voted on maybe in our “Meetings and Voting” FB page.

New Business

Striping Parking Lot

Safety issue that the city needs to address the club cannot do this job

Bike Racks

Apparently racks are given away for free by the city and are needed to accommodate players who bike to the course. The club will need to look into this.

Hire/Pro bono lawyers for legal club business

Unable to bring on Doug O and Jenna to help with our mess and the club needs to look for someone who can help straighten out the club’s finances.

T-shirt proposal using the DeLa design from BroPrints, local company

With tag design it is $18 a shirt where the regular logo would be $15, the solid red design.

Motion on the floor to purchase tee shirts, Ian made the motion CJ seconded. Seven in favor, no one opposed, two abstentions. $1,500 for t-shirts was approved.

Traditional red and black stamp without the “DeLa” in it was approved

Shirts will be resold to members for $25 each

Petty Cash

Increase the Petty Cash fund that allows officers to use money that is less than $300 without a need for a vote. The petty cash fund was agreed upon fifteen years ago and may need updating to adjust for inflation. Rob wishes to table the topic for a future date.

Open Agenda

Meeting Adjourned 7:46 PM

Next Meeting Tuesday, February 8, 2022

December 2021 Meeting Minutes

Delaveaga DGC December Monthly Meeting (12/14/2021) 

Location:  Paradox Hotel Bar (Grove Rm)  by  Matt  Beatty

 Attendees:  Greg Churchill, Matt Beatty, Shawn Adams, Jon Mata, Ian Sun, Erick Carrol, Rob Hapner, Marty Hapner, CJ Jahr, Ron Lynch, Keenan Dalton, Bobby Wasabi, Tom Audisio, Joe Nama, Jesse Duarte Sr, Jesse Duarte Jr, James Hagen, Peter Kline, Jimmy Phillips, Ray Schneider, Anthony D, Braden Cooldige, Russ Jacobson, Matt P, Britta

 ·         Year in Review


Big BANG TO START, January meeting we agreed to delaying the Jan membership drive. Wanting to respect SC request and was the birth of autonomous monthly. Also workdays planned for the year, including erosion abatement and par 4 for masters cup. Additional post installed to keep people off of 27.


Addressed 2,11,19 tee pads. New hole on 11, new bench on 27.

Feb membership drive was a big success, closing lot and course to public creating a very smooth event

Feedback for 11 was good enough to include in masters cup

Defining lower lot

Graffiti paint

Club hats


March we had passed total club membership sales. Peter K had a big hand in adding members to the club. Feedback was given from the city as far as the monthlies about turning back the general public to avoid negative feedback to the parks and recs. The club attempted to obtain permits, still waiting.

Workdays focusing on hole 2’s tee pad and retention wall. Innova discs with club stamps was voted on for fundraisers.

April Monthly: idea to change monthly to a fundraiser in honor of Chuck B, Huck for Chuck event. Workday for April brought in tree pruning services to help with the more difficult projects keeping safety in mind. Fundraiser for April had hats


May was all Masters Cup


June brought back the Mach X baskets that were removed for the Masters Cup. First allotment of bag tags ran out so the club was able to order more for future members. Spirited discussions were had with the city of the type of work that could be done on the course regarding power tools or any other type of heavy lifting that the city was slow to react to.


July the club submitted tour bid for the Masters Cup for 2022. Standardizations needed to be followed so many changes to the tournament were implemented. Meet the Pro’s for the Masters cup weekend were discussed. 5013c status has been advanced to make sure that we can claim nonprofit status. L&F duties were allotted a small stipend from sales of lost discs to help with the extra work due to increase traffic to the course.


End of September new hats showed up and the club was able to make up the money spent for the hats with profit still to be had.


GNO was a success with a big turnout. Russ made a suggestions for an easier way for the club to get suggestions for future projects.


November club meeting discussed erosion control projects, GNO, hole closures allowing for Top Of The World to still be accessible without compromising erosion control efforts. Discussions for tee pad for TOW.


·         December Club Workday


12/18 for next scheduled workday, posted on club FB page. Winter erosion closure program will be implemented with the hill being closed minus TOW, also 17 will be closed as usual. Matt meeting with miles to discuss course closures and erosion control. The material will be left in the parking lot so pleasr do not disturb those. We will be receiving the new order and old hay bales, the city will be moving the jute and seed to the course.


·         City Provided Materials

There are hay bales available and ready for pickup. Matt has asked for more seed and waddles, as well as jute netting and metal stakes. Conversation about Jute netting being reused and stretched out again.

·         Workday Projects



·         Enduro Bowl

Enduro Bowl is slated for March 12th, with 116 players registered and 2 rounds slated for the 1 day.


·         Club Incorporation

 501 3c update from CJ: the club may have to redo non profit status since it appears to the IRS that the club has been making a profit which it has not. Some work with the legal help that we have attained to help mediate the issue and allow the club to finally reach 501 3c status. Peter K reminded the club that we must be mindful of keeping to the rules of the non profit status. There may be a need to hire someone who can deal with the tax information (CPA) for the club to make sure that the club is making an effort to keep records but it should wait till January till the Board of Directors for the club meets.


·         Memberships

Membership bag tags have been ordered from Phoenix Discs

Tags 1-300 have been ordered for standard yearly tags, and 25 special tags ordered for the top points finishers for the year.

The January monthly will be a bag tag challenge and someone will be leaving with the #1 tag, there will also be 3 other monthlies where all tags will be in play, and every other monthly and weekly tags will be exchanged between your group.


·         Masters Cup

The masters cup will continue to be 2 weekends, but it will no consist of a Pro/Am April 28-30 and DGPT May 13-15 weekends. Due to NT and PT merging Masters Cup changed to a Silver Series with more changes needed to fulfill tour requirements. Age protected players moved from the pro weekend to the Am weekend.



·         Officer nomitaions

Rob Hapner president nominated and elected!

Ian Sun Vice president Nominated and Elected!

Greg Churchill Treasurer Nominated and Elected!

Bobbi Wasabi Secretary Nominated and Elected!

Joe Nama Maintenance Officer Nominated!

Ian Sun Event Coordinator!

Tom Audisio asking to be put on special projects.




·         Wall of Fame Nominations

Names- by matt are David Levan and Jeff Rockwell

Erick- CJ and Hagen

David Levan – majority yes

Jim Hagen – majority yes



·         Lost and found

Thank you to Tom Audisio and he will continue to manage L&F

November 2021 Meeting Minutes

Delaveaga  DGC October Monthly  Meeting  (10/12/2021)  

Attendees:  Greg Churchill, Matt Beatty, Jeff Rockwell, Peter Kline, Ian Sun, Russ Jacobson, Rob Hapner, Marty Hapner, CJ Jahr, Ron Lynch, Keenan Dalton, Bobby Wasabi, David LeVan, Tom Schot.


·         November Club Monthly

We had around 40 play in the event, there was a lot of people up at the Nor Cal Team Invitational.

 Marty brings up a discussion about too many holes for the monthly, and asked about possibility of having a different division with less holes.

 There was a discussion about having a trail layout for master cup during the monthlies for DEC/JAN but concern over casual players.


·         Good Neighbor Open

 GNO was a massive success with 88 people participating, all in all everything went over very well.

With Udisc being used for the first time, it greatly reduced the time after the event for payouts.


·         November Club Workday

 11/20 for next scheduled workday, will post on FB page.


·         City Provided Materials

There are hay bales available and ready for pickup. Matt has asked for more seed and waddles, as well as jute netting and metal stakes. Conversation about Jute netting being reused and stretched out again.


·         Course Suggestions for Closures

Discussions regarding holes to be closed for this winter, one issues arises each year is having top of the world closed. Matt proposes closing and leaving TOW open on the short position. being proposed for 25/26/26a closure of as well as 13-17


Vote Hole 2,25,26,26a closed: Yes

Vote Holes 13-17 closed until after enduro bowl: Yes


·         Workday Projects

Hole 27 and 24 tee pad replacements.

Vote 27 replaced: All yes except Marty no

Vote 24 replaced: astounding no


 ·         Enduro Bowl

March 12th, 2 rounds of 29 holes. %8 holes will not be continuous but rather a short 30 min break to give time for new cards to be created and people to grab their lunches and head to their new starting hole.


·         Club Incorporation

Club is currently incorporated and just waiting on 501c3 status and EIN. We need to focus on agenda, and all the requirements for a non profit org.


·         Memberships

Memberships going forward,  TBD

Members must be notified


·         Masters Cup

The pro is may13-15th

Am cup is now a pro-am, field size has been increased

220 total, 100 pro 120 am.

Reg opens Jan 2nd, posted by dec 2nd

Now only 18 holes due to our tour standards.

Sponsorships have gone up year after year, TOW 1250, 1 going to 1000, all other 625.

Helping to cover cost of golf course, bring back paid spectators

·         Secondary

·         Wall of Fame

Nominations of past and current

Marty nominates: David Levan -past

Tom Nominates:



·         Matt Moving away…

Matt B has made it known that he will be moving away after the masters cup concludes, he stated he would be willing to continue in the position of president. The board of directors stated they did not think that was a good idea and he should focus on the masters cup, they will be nominating new officers.

·         December meeting

Nominations and voting for officers

Year end review

Course closure follow up

2022 plan

October 2021 Meeting Minutes

Delaveaga  DGC October Monthly  Meeting  (10/12/2021) 

Location:  Rangeside Bar @ Delaveaga Muni  by  Matt  Beatty

Attendees:  Greg Churchill, , Matt Beatty, Jeff Rockwell, Peter Kline, Ian Sun, Russ Jacobson, Rob Hapner, Marty Hapner, CJ Jahr, Ron Lynch, Keenan Dalton, Bobby Wasabi, David LeVan, Nick Sohriakoff.


·        October Club Monthly

We had 50 people come and compete in the event, Tony Tran wins Open with a score of -14, runner up Patrick Brown at -9

 We sold 25 of the club hats that morning, with more people reserving them online. With a cost of $17 and being sold at $35 we are collecting a profit of %18


·        Good Neighbor Open

 The good neighbor open is this coming Sunday 10/17, there will be 80 competitors playing two rounds on the muni’s disc golf course.


·        October Club Workday

 Our club workday scheduled for 10/16


·        City Provided Materials

There is an order coming from the city consisting of haybales, seeds, and waddles etc. City said they will take out the old material and matt is hoping to have all old netting and waddles removed.

 Marty was questioning what else we can do to improve and Dave proposes a meeting fully dedicated to course retention efforts

·        Course Suggestions

Russ motions for a member in-person/online suggestion box for modifications/maintenance items for the course – passed


·        Invasive Plants

Travis Beck wants to have all bushes of this invasive variety taken out as soon as possible by us; Marty is questioning why the city is having the club do this if they feel it is an urgent matter, and suggests we get help or more information about how to remove them or combat them.


·        Enduro Bowl

People are asking questions about Enduro Bowl returning next year, event will need to be sanctioned in order to close the course down by the city. Ian Volunteered to be the Tournament Director, and Russ said he would be the Assistant TD


·        AGL Baobab Tournament

Josh Jones from AGL is wanting to hold a tournament at Delaveaga, our main discussion was around what the club gains for this event will be. Suggested a 80 person cap with $2 per entry for the club.


·        NT and DGPT Merger

Masters cup was longest standing National Tour event at 35 years, including being part of the super tour. Now the Masters Cup will be a DGPT silver series event instead of an elite series event. The pro age protected players will be merged with AM weekend, which will mean more availability for age protected pro players. Also creating more room in the MPO/FPO fields for the silver series event. The AM weekend will be April 29, 30th, 31st  and the pro weekend will be May 13-15th.


·        Board Of Directors

The board’s goals are focusing on crossing the goal line for 501c, and long term goals for the course and the club. Items like how meetings are run and selection of club officers, and long term course improvements like water and restrooms.

August 2021 Meeting Minutes

Delaveaga  DGC  August Monthly  Meeting  (8/3/2021)

Location:  Humble Sea Hosted  by  Matt  Beatty

 Attendees:  Greg Churchill, Joe Nama, , Matt Beatty, Jeff Rockwell, Peter  Kline, Ian Sun, Bobby Wasabi, David LeVan

Swap Meet / September Monthly




Financial update


Work Day?


Discussion about winter rejuvenation/erosion control.


Staff of Life DeLa collaboration disc – voted down


UDisc update – Matt has been working with udisc and has every hole mapped out with footages and circles


Membership update - sold bag tag 254 8/3/21

July 2021 Meeting Minutes

Delaveaga  DGC  July Monthly  Meeting  (7/13/2021)

Location:  Zoom  Meeting  hosted  by  Matt  Beatty


Attendees:  Keenan Dalton, Greg Churchill, Joe Nama, , Matt Beatty, Jeff Rockwell, Peter  Kline, Ian Sun, Stan Pratt, Katie, Tom Audisio, Jack Traegeser, Bobby Wasabi, Rob Hapner, Ron Lynch.


Masters Cup Bid has been submitted, and will be migrating to a 3 weekend tournament.

 Am weekend, Age protected Pro and National Tour. Muni golf course will be in play during final round of tournament and this will allow for more players in all three weekends, tournament will also be going to an 18 hole layout. Possible course closures beginning 2 days before pro A-tier and extending through the weekend of NT event, MPO field will be increased and FPO players will never be turned away. Meet the pros would hopefully be worked into the closure dates as well.


501c3 status, Peter Kline has been working on moving things forward, ( refer to note Sheet that Peter has written up) Will need to have a new incorporation by laws. Peter suggested we build a committee and the board of directors will need to put back up for vote.


Motion called by Matt Beatty to approve the cost to reincorporate, stan seconded and all in favor.


Peter makes a motion to form a committee to develop by laws and board of directors, Matt seconded and all in favor.


Financial report, over the last month Stan has been working on the payouts for masters cup, PayPal has been delaying the process and Stan had to do a lot shuffling to get payouts out in. The club currently has $11,251, and Masters Cup has $1300


Lost and found is a lot of work and Tom has been doing it over the last year and a half, Tom has requested to collect 20% of funds raised for his time and effort. Tom suggests trying to sell discs at each monthly and take the rest to play it again. Motion for Tom to collect compensation was approved.


Order of Finlay hats is being finalized by the end of this week, it will be cost $17 per hat, $35 retail  and we ordered 100 hats consisting of 5 different colors.


Discussion of in person monthlies, questions came up about parking issues and permits. At this point the permits are not being given out at this time, discussion regarding flex starts or shotgun starts. Matt motioned for a vote to host august as in person and a resounding nay vote.


With PDGA sanctioned series and the trilogy challenge we will bring in roughly $1000 for the club.


Jack Trageser: Chaminade will be installing a 9 hole course, and if everything goes well there will be another 9 holes installed. School of disc golf and Chaminade will be paying for tee pads and baskets, but and looking for it to be a Masters Cup sponsor anda  player/fan hotel. Currently looking or volunteers to help with the preparation and installation of the course and will provide free play in exchange.

$10 to play all day, eating will give you free play or if you stay at the resort access will be included.

June 2021 Meeting Minutes

Delaveaga  DGC  June Monthly  Meeting  (6/8/2021)

Location:  Zoom  Meeting  hosted  by  Matt  Beatty


Attendees:  Keenan Dalton, Greg Churchill, Joe Nama, , Matt Beatty, Rob Hapner, Peter  Kline, Ian Sun.



·        Paypal, venmo and 501c3 issues we have been a 501c3 org for nearly 40 years

·        4 memberships remaining, looking to order more and possibly club stamped discs.

·        Keenan states we still have some remaining and some mask as well.

·        Greg makes a motion to have 3 players to lead the charge for the 501c3, Stan needs to stay involved as the treasury. Matt belives we should table this motion until the July meeting where we hopefully have more members present and some more info about our trouble.

·        Peter suggests looking over the bylaws and look to cleaning them up and making them more professional, we would need to discuss with the board of directors on that topic.

·        Joe Nama asking about status about the mou and board of directors, russ needs to be involved in the discussion, Matt will be having a meeting with travis from the city. There have been notes shared and bullet points, but items need to be discussed in more depth. About tournaments, keys to the gate and baskets, right of use.

·        Is there anyway to hold the conversation about the shack to let them know we are wanting to run the shack, and how the new contract was built in by accident.

·        Also can we gathering the data of members year over year, to show statistics of club members. Matt has access to lists back to 2017, Ben baker ran tags for a while. We can research how many members and how long over the years.

Thoughts about signage and roped area to help guide players in the right direction and keep them off of the course if not playing. 

May 2021 Meeting Minutes

Delaveaga  DGC  May Monthly  Meeting 

Location:  None

 Attendees:  None

 No meeting due to Masters Cup 2021

April 2021 Meeting Minutes

Delaveaga  DGC  April Monthly  Meeting  (4/13/2021) 

Location:  Zoom  Meeting  hosted  by  Matt  Beatty


Attendees:  Keenan Dalton, Greg Churchill, Joe Nama, Jeff Rockwell, Matt Beatty, Rob Hapner, Peter  Kline, Tom Audisio, Ian Sun, Bobby Wasabi aka Eden, Steve Jackowski, Karen Noel, Britta Laboytoeux, Cesar Zermeno, Peter Walz, Tim Nazarof, David Branson, Stan Pratt, RJ Peterson.





March 2021 Meeting Minutes

Delaveaga  DGC  March Monthly  Meeting  (3/9/2021) 

Location:  Zoom  Meeting  hosted  by  Matt  Beatty


Attendees:  Keenan Dalton, Greg Churchill, Joe Nama, Jeff Rockwell, Matt Beatty, Rob Hapner, Peter  Kline, Tom Audisio, Ian Sun, Bobby Wasabi aka Eden, Steve Jackowski, Karen Noel, Britta Laboytoeux, Cesar Zermeno, Peter Walz, Steve Lonhart, David Branson, Stan Pratt, RJ Peterson.





February 2021 Meeting Minutes

Delaveaga  DGC  February Monthly  Meeting  (2/9/2021)  Location:  Zoom  Meeting  hosted  by  Matt  Beatty


Attendees:  Keenan  Dalton,  Ron  Lynch,  Greg  Churchill, Joe  Nama,  Jeff  Rockwell,  Matt  Beatty,  Rob  Hapner,  Peter  Kline,  Tom  Audisio,  Marty  Hapner, Ian Sun, Bobby Wasabi, Jack Trageser, Brian Renfro, Steve Jackowski, Karen Noel.


Agenda:  February meeting of 2021

February Monthly and Membership Drive

This Monthly was the smoothest tournament in a very long time! Very much in part because of Tom Audisio manning the entrance gate and checking for tee times, which resulted in almost no wait times on any of holes for tournament participants. Thank you to Peter Kline for spending the day selling memberships, thank you to Ian Sun, Ron Lynch, Matt Beatty and Keenan Dalton for assisting Peter throughout the day.

We as a club were able to sell 108 memberships, which exceeded expectation by far. The premium discs (Firebird/Shryke) were a hit and consisted of the majority of membership sale packages.

Matt placed an order for another 100 bag tags #’s 151-250, we had 15 remaining tags from original order and a lot of new faces and members.

Will be working on the points spreadsheet for bag tags very soon, and that file will live on the dela bag tag page.


New Position on Hole 11 for Tournament Feedback.

We had a lot of great feedback for hole 11 on the Facebook page, there was some concern about erosion on hillside with suggestions to encourage people to use stairs and not hillside.

There were some people that were still in favor of original hole positions, and liked those more.

That pin position was agreed on by Tom, Joe, Matt and Miles for tournament play only.

Club workdays.

Workday was setup for this Saturday 2/13/21, main focus will be on loose debris and fallen branches throughout the course.

The following weekend 2/19-2/20 we hope to work on 19’s tee pad, weather permitting. Friday is planned for tear down of old pad, Saturday is planned for frame up and pour. Tom/Joe will be  reaching out to Jef Wind about signs he has made, may be in need of additional posts/hardware and he would like to mount them at his house.

Bill Allen willing to donate $50 towards tee pad construction costs, Brian Renfro has offered to donate the cement need for the tee pad.

Donations and Incoming Funds.

Bobby Wasabi seeking a way to donate to work days through online donations, Jeff Rockwell suggesting starting another go fund me for the club, curious about timing? Said he will design a template describing costs over the year.

Rob Hapner is asking if the city has funds available for the course, Tom states at this time there is no budget for our property and at this time there has not been a discussion about adding our park to the budget.

Marty bringing up conversation again about somehow getting another paypal or some sort of online payment account, our 501(C)(3) is still not active which has kept our paypal locked.

Parking Lot.

Jack Trageser bringing up the fact about the funds coming in from the parking lot, and suggesting we remind the city of our agreement. Our course is probably the only park that is generating money for the city as opposed to costing the city.

Marty suggests the parking lot needs to be striped, it is unsafe and needs to get done soon. The city should be contacted about this issue, and should consider paving lower lot as well.

In the meantime we are looking at putting in treated tree rounds with chains like ball golf spillover parking to make it look more official, as opposed to just a dirt area with a free for all. Would we like to address this in an upcoming project, as well as moving decaying wood out of there. We will need to rent a skid steer for this, also will need to get some wood chips, base rock and decomposed granite. We will need a few days for this task to be accomplished, contact Myles Harding regarding any available equipment.


Poll Regarding Graffiti Paint.

The paint was priced at $750 for 15 gallons which is a substantial discount off of face value, club officers have approved and we had enough votes from members to proceed with the purchase.

Hats and Gators.

Keenan Dalton posted a poll on our discussion page about gators and/or masks and had a good response,  the price breakdown was $536 for 50 gators and a similar cost for masks. Karen wants to know about composition of masks/gators and wants to make sure club is not promoting bad material, Keenan stated he will look deeper into it.

Matt Beatty has approached Findlay hats regarding an order, and does think it’s a good price for a quality laser engraved patch with our logo. The hats have cords attached for style and to help with securing it from wind and feels they are very comfortable and a quality hat, Matt will look into if they have any hats without cords. The price breakdown is $15 each for 100+ hats, and we would look to sell for $25-30, we would also be supporting a company that is supporting disc golf.

Disc Golf Shack.

Matt and Keenan met with the Loustalots about the shack and what they are doing regarding being involved with the club, they are having trouble with finding people to work in the shack. Matt gave them what he feels is a solid referral for a hire, this person has been playing the course for a long time and knows the area and course very well.

Signs And Etiquette.

Several people have brought up ideas about having some course etiquette signs throughout the course, something simple and easy to read without having to stop and spend too much time as those will get glazed over. Rob has a old template made up and thinks it could be easily edited to fit our needs, and we could reach out to Shawn Adams about having them made up.

Jack and several others discussing having marshals/ambassadors to help keep the course in order and pace of play moving along, perhaps with matching shirts and etiquette info to hand out to players.

Masters Cup Update.

We have come a long way with sponsorships this year compared to years past, we currently have more sponsors than holes available. Registration opens up in the coming week for both Am and Pro/NT events. Caddies and fans are not going to be allowed at this point, but there is still a lot of time before Pro/NT event and things could change.

We have a lot of work to be done at the course ahead of the upcoming events, we will be planning to do 2 workdays a month.

Since 2016, the final round has taken place on the golf course. This year all 3 rounds will take part at Delaveaga DGC, and the final round will take place at the golf course next year. This year marks the 35th anniversary of the Masters Cup, and there will be a new retro stamp for players packs this year.

Another change for the Masters Cup is we will be using the Innova Discatcher Pro 28’s from the ball golf course for the events, starting on the Monday before the AM event through the end of masters Pro/NT event to help promote Innova’s brand. We will be getting some additional baskets from Innova, and will need to drill some holes and have new locks made for those baskets.


Jack brought up the suggestion of making hole 12 into an island hole on the plateau to help speed up the pace of play, as a lot of discs tend to be hard to find when going over the top towards to long pin.

Facebook Page.

Matt has suggested that we turn on post approval for our Facebook club page, so we can try to help manage the conversations that tend to turn negative and bring a bad image to the club.

January 2021 Meeting Minutes

Delaveaga  DGC  January Monthly  Meeting  (1/12/2021)  Location:  Zoom  Meeting  hosted  by  Matt  Beatty


Attendees:  Keenan  Dalton,  Ron  Lynch,  Greg  Churchill, Joe  Nama,  Jeff  Rockwell,  Stan Pratt,  Matt  Beatty,  Rob  Hapner,  Peter  Kline,  Tom  Audisio,  Marty  Hapner, Ian Sun, RJ Peterson, Chuck Burket, Bobby Wasabi

Agenda:  First club meeting of 2021

Thoughts and asking about whether people want to hold membership drive in February or postpone to a later date, possibilities of doing an autonomous event and drive.

Looking to get monthly memberships out for and after tournament.

Proposed dates for work days and materials needed.

Membership Sales And Monthly

·       This  year  we  will  have  a  membership  drive  during  February’s  monthly.

·       Likely to have an autonomous monthly via Disc Golf Scene with an option to select membership package, Membership packages to arrive this week

·       Social  Media  Campaign  to  prepare  for  the  Membership  drive.  The  club  PayPal/Venmo  needs  to  be  figured  out.  

·       Tiered  package  that  includes  a  club  disc  or just membership.

·       Seeking help with selling and handing out memberships which can be sold at any time¸ Matt would like to wait to start selling until monthly and on weekends after that.

·       Members would like to post signs around parking lot/course and use sandwich board we have to let players know of a tournament in progress.

·   We  need  a  web  developer  to help revamp  our  website  and  enable  online  membership sales and club stamped items to provide revenue for the club.

·   PayPal account is frozen due to 501c status, can we create a Venmo or G-pay account.

·   Do we feel comfortable selling memberships of the shack with new staff.


Work Days

·       Work day planned for 1/16/21 to work on hole 11 for a new potential basket position.

·       Work day planned for 1/30/21

·       Work day tentative for 1/23/21

·       Matt will send request for materials from city for half a truck load of haybales, 1 pallet of waddles, 3 bags of seed and 6 rolls of jute netting.

·       Thursday 1/14/21 Joe, RJ and Tom will be working on setting some sleeves and posts for hole 1/27 fairway, also recementing handicap sign posts and tac welding signs in place.

Course Maintenance Requests

·   Joe requested to get a purchasing card with a stipend for materials and general maintenance needs.

·   Joe suggested getting wood chips and decomposed granite for several areas including tee pads.

·   Tom will be buying 7 bags of cement, we have 1 already in work shed.

Tee Signs And Tee Pads.

·       Tee pad on 11 needs to be redone and possibly moved to the right or widened.

·       Tee pad on 19 needs to be redone

·       Tee pad on 2  my need to be redone as it is not level.

·       Ball course tee pads need to be addressed, we need to decide on if we want to use rubber mats from DGA or look into turf mats.

·       Tee signs need an updated system for hole placement that is more reliable.

New Par 4 Pin Position Proposed On Hole 11 By Chuck Burket

·       Several members have showed interest in adding a par 4 pin position on hole 11

·       We will be clearing an area on the next work day for potential positions

·       Will need to make a plan for a new staircase or walkway up on the backside of planned location on hilltop.

·       Matt/Marty suggested we use that position for upcoming monthly as a trial run and to ask for feedback after tournament.

·       Basket will be placed before start of first group and removed immediately after last group.

Masters Cup Update

·   Matt and Keenan have been putting in a strong effort to get sponsors locked down as early as possible, and we are ahead of progress compared to last year.

·   Majority of holes already have sponsors.

·   Hole 4 will need new sponsor as Terrex is no longer doing sponsorships.

·   Hole 8 is sponsored by the Loustalots but they already Sponsor hole 20.

·   Hole 9 is sponsored Huk Lab but has been unconfirmed for this year.

·       Holes 17, 19, 25, 26 are no sponsored at this point.

·       Tom is in the works with Deer Park and Deluxe Foods

·       Hole 27 is sponsored by Jarret Cox but he no longer works or lives in the area.

·       Innova is completely onboard and all in with regards to tournament.

·       Top of the world is $1000, Hole 1 is $700 and all others $500 for sponsorship cost.


Room for mower and trailer in shed

·       No room for trailer in the shed at this time

·       Have not spoken to Peter Walz in a while.

·       Trailer is Stan Pratt’s


TOTW  Bench 

Peter Kline got a check for $700 and purchased to some redwood for $250 leaving $450 remaining, now decision is to where to place bench. Also maybe a truck of fill for area around and behind tee pad.

●   Remove benches at any time and save plaque.

●   Tree has limbs hanging over near tee pad and benches, possibly remove both benches and place new bench there and move away from tee pad.

Delaveaga DGC 2020 Year in Review

Delaveaga DGC 2020 Year in Review - Matt Beatty 


●January 4th, 2020 Membership Club Drive - 50 memberships sold 

●Britta L. joined as Social Media Officer on Instagram to boost awareness and start a grassroots outreach to include more women in our club & events 

●Very productive work day to spread materials that were donated by the City of Santa Cruz. 

●Discussion around the on-site storage unit began February 

●Monthly was great in attendance but low in membership sales 

●Purchase of new locks was proposed by Matt Beatty at February club meeting to standardize all locks used on the baskets, as well as replace locks that were no longer locking. 

●Tree work through Commercial Tree was proposed and voted on unanimously at the February club meeting. Total for 4 days of tree work cost the club $7,500 March 

●Enduro Bowl sold out pre registration ○Cesar and Creighton worked together to organize and plan this event 

●Discussion around installing two new Par 4 positions was brought up by CJ. CJ suggested that new pin locations be added on Holes 13 and 14 to make those holes have true Par 4 positions that could be played during the Masters Cup. ○Motion was passed and new pins were installed. 

●Sean and Matt had a meeting with Travis Beck, Mike Godsey, and Miles Hicks surrounding the course. 

○Confirmation of Storage shed and Shakespeare Santa Cruz agreed they would pay for 90% of the new storage container or up to $2,500 and the club would pay the remainder. Estimated total was ~$3,300 (about $800 spent by the club) ○The City asked to be more included when we are closing the course so they can announce that information through their social media channels. 

○The City recognized the lack of parking and how inadequate our parking space is when our course is busy. 

○Discussion about tree work took place. Informed the City that we as a club spent $7,500 towards tree clean up/removal. They asked that we not place targets in locations on the course that could cause potential injuries. Most importantly, Hole 5 in the long. 

○The City gained a very clear understanding as to what we as the Club have been trying to do over all the years we have been stewards of that property. We described it as our sanctuary and they fully understood. 

●COVID-19 was in full effect directly after the March Meeting. 

●No other in-person meetings have been held since. 

●Mid March we were told to close the property. ○Signage was placed at the closed parking lot gate by the City explaining the course closure. 

○Baskets were removed from sleeves and laid down on the ground and locked into place to indicate course closed. 

■That didn't deter people from playing. Lock on the basket for Hole 17 was broken and the basket was placed back in its sleeve. 

■Once the broken lock was identified, it was determined that all 30 targets would need to be removed from the course and stored at an offsite location. April

●Targets were removed from the course entirely 

●The course and club activity was put on hold 

●Enduro Bowl was cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic 

●Masters Cup 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic 

●Disc golf on the Municipal Golf Course officially closed until further notice May ●Discussions with the City continue to take place amidst pandemic to try and re open the course. 

●May 20th, the Club received word from the City of Santa Cruz that we were safe to re-open the course, with modified targets, to eliminate touching of the targets. At this time during the pandemic, shared equipment was still a concern, and the targets at the course are considered shared equipment.

●Sean’s idea was to remove the cage assembly from the target, so as you threw your putt, the disc would hit the chains, and then fall to ground, thus removing the need to touch the basket in any way. 

●Course re-opened after 8 weeks of being fully closed. ○New rules were put in place to allow the course to open. 

■Park, Play, and Go. No loitering at all. 

■Groups of 2 only

 ■Social and Physical distancing of at least 6 feet at all times 

■No shared equipment (Do not touch other people's discs, carts, or bags) 

June ●Received email from the City regarding Group sizes being increased from 2 players to 4 players. No groups larger than 4 (still currently in effect) July 

●Received email from the City allowing club to reinstall cages on the targets.

○Crew of roughly 8 people showed up to help reinstall cages on targets and get the course fully complete. 

○In its entirety, the course was fully closed for 8 weeks without disc golf play at all, and 8 weeks without cages. For a total of roughly 4 months of a closed/modified course.

○Disc golf on the Muni was still closed - Targets covered with trash bags and duct tape to secure. ○Nearly 3 full months without a club meeting. No need for meetings when the course is completely closed.

○Tom Audisio stepped up and began taking full control over Lost and Found at the course ○Jeff Rockwell began a GoFundMe for new course equipment. Jeff managed to raise $2,110 by July alone. 

■Two weed whackers were purchased, along with a backpack style blower. Additional funds were held for more fundraising efforts to hopefully get a new chainsaw for the club to use. 

○Adopt a Hole Program 

■Keenan proposed the idea and Sean helped implement the Guardian program - Assigned every hole on the course a Guardian to assist with hole maintenance throughout the year 

○Facebook Club page issues addressed 

○Top of the World Memorial Bench - Peter Kline 

■The deteriorating status of the bench was brought to the clubs attention (rotted and possible hazard) 

■Back story, a visiting disc golfer had a heart attack on TOTW. Memorial bench was quickly installed without club approval. 

■Peter volunteered to find out additional information regarding the bench and how to best move forward ○Parking Lot Trash & Recycling 

■Keenan noticed trash being dropped off after course hours, filling up our garbage bins with trash unrelated to course operations. When this issue was brought up at the club meeting, it was also mentioned that the recycling at the course was being dumped into the garbage truck. Keenan called Green Waste, City of Santa Cruz & SC P&R to find a solution. Keenan partnered with Miles Hicks from the golf course to get a lock on the dumpster + recycling service for the course August 

●Chainsaw purchase from GoFundMe via Jeff R was approved. Club approved to reimburse Jeff for the difference between the cost of chainsaw and the GoFundMe funds. ●Unapproved Course Maintenance Issues ○Club identified unapproved course maintenance taking place by someone at the course (NOT a Guardian). Person was identified and was asked to stop any course maintenance that does not have club approval. Person was encouraged to join the adopt a hole program led by Keenan and Sean.

●Bag Tags came back. First Bag Tag event was scheduled to take place on 8/13. Last club sanctioned event was on March 7th for the Club Monthly. 

○Matt B. partnered with UDisc to create a league under their Beta platform so the Club could offer paperless bag tag events 

●A discussion about tree trimming was brought up by Steve L in regards to being able to see Hole 27 in the medium position from the tee pad. Basket is partially obstructing the view of the basket in one of three positions. Steve said he would take it upon himself to gather data from players at the course regarding their thoughts on the subject. 

●Social Media update from Britta ○She requested that anything posted on the Dela Facebook page be shared with her so she can share it to the club Instagram account. September 

●Club President Sean O’Neill moved from Santa Cruz back to Philadelphia 

●Matt to be acting interim President, Keenan to be acting interim Vice President, No secretary to backfill Keenan. Braden to remain as Treasurer. Joe Nama steps up to take on more of a role as Club Maintenance Officer. 

●Treasury update - $7,328 in account 

●Club Membership cost reduced from $40 to $20 for the remainder of the year. 

●Peter Kline and Greg Churchill continue to work on the TOTW bench project ○Peter met with the original bench installer, John Tomco and discussed the bench - John T said he might pay for the materials for the new bench 

●Lock was put on the dumpster, old/random trash cans were taken from the course and two new recycling bins were dropped in the parking lot 

●Received recognition from UDisc for having the #10 rated course in the World. 

●Iron Ranger lock was broken off and removed. Club donation box was emptied. Average monthly donations to the Club is ~$175-$225. Iron ranger hadn’t been emptied in about 6 weeks when noticed this so the Club lost at least $200 in donations 

●Storage Shed received from City of Santa Cruz October 

●Return of the Club Monthly 

●No monthly club meeting in October 

●Weekly bag tag series ended at the end of October ○Huge success. Massive turnouts nearly every week. Averaged roughly 40-50 players per event since Bag Tags was brought back November

●Autonomous club monthly. Pre registration only through DiscGolfScene and scoring through UDisc thanks to Cesar 

●Disc Swap Meet Discussion. 

○Potential disc swap to occur after the January Monthly 

●Work Day scheduled for Sat 11/14 ○Great turnout for the work day. Got through all donated materials. 52 bales of hay, two pallets (24) straw wattles, 6 bundles of wooden stakes, three 50lb bags of barley seed, and 10 rolls of jute netting used. ○Closed Holes 2, 17, 25, 26, 26a, and 27 until April 1st, 2021 

●Financial update: 

○$714 pulled from Iron Ranger (all since theft) - Thank you Dela Community ♡

○$277 received from Quarter3 Shack Profit (3%) 

○$110 received from November Monthly 

○$330 paid to Jeff R via check for Chainsaw reimbursement 

○$8,795 balance in club account 

●Storage Shed update 

○Shelving installed in the shed by Tom Audisio to organize all equipment 

○Tom A, Chuck B, and Mike W worked on the shed during work day to install new whirling vent to increase air circulation inside the container. 

○Marty Hapner inducted into the Dela Wall of Fame. He was presented with plaque during the Club Work Day to commemorate all that he has done for our Club. 

●TOTW Bench 

○Peter continued to work with Ron L and Greg C. to acquire the necessary redwood to rebuild the bench at TOTW. If the Club is paying for the materials for the bench, the plaque that was on the old bench will not be reinstalled on the new bench. December Club Meeting Agenda: 

●Hole 18 - Brian proposes a pathway to be built on the initial fairway of hole 18 so that the path is more defined to prevent erosion of the trail - maybe additional signage needed 

○Brian also requested that the TOTW memorial bench be moved further back from the tee pad/tee sign when it is reinstalled 

●Trash Signs Update by Britta ○Signs have been completed by Onef Jef 

○We will need to get him some 4x4’ posts delivered to his house so that he can mount and install the signs himself. Tom can possibly scavenge materials for Jef. Brian also to bring some materials to the course.

●Tom Audisio - saving funds from L&F profits to purchase a generator for the club to be used to charge equipment, etc. 

●Shack Discussion - Marty Hapner 

○We no longer have control over what happens at the shack ○~$225 for a quarterly check is not enough 

●Broken Posts 

○Post near the road/fairway of 27 is broken. This is an issue because four wheelers are able to access the course 

○Similar issue at Hole 11 (cable does not lock) 

○Club to work with RJ install metal removable pole (similar to hole 7) so that we or Fire Dept can access this area if needed ●Course Growth - Jeff Rockwell 

○Course was PACKED during the monthly. Lower parking lot, main parking lot, middle of parking lot, Parking below the no parking signs, etc. We need to get some logs on that area to prevent people from parking there. 

○We should consider what we are going to do in the future - we need to think more long term 

●Wall of Fame - Ron Lynch ○Ron suggests that anyone inducted into the Dela Wall of Fame also receive a takeaway memento 

●Membership Costs ○Disc order to go along with memberships to be a package 

■4 different molds from Innova (Shrykes, Rocs, Firebirds, Aviars) 

■Reducing the cost of membership to accommodate the sale of the package to include the discs 

■Basic package includes 2021 Bag Tag & Patch 

■Women and Juniors $20 basic package, $30 package includes one (1) baseline plastic disc, $35 package includes one (1) premium disc 

■Everyone else - $35 basic package, $45 package includes one (1) baseline plastic disc, $50 package includes one (1) premium disc 

○Marty would like to see us selling shirts instead - more visibility for our club 

■Cesar suggests “shirts to order” so we don't have to store them ourselves - more expensive but you can place smaller orders 

●TOTW Bench ○Peter found the son of the disc golfer that passed away then was connected to the bench maker. Then he searched for a redwood slab for the new bench (3-4” thick per Greg’s specifications) . Once the slab is selected, Greg will need a location to store, work on and build the bench.

○Plan is to remove the plaque, demo the bench, move the location of the bench further back and build the new one and incorporate the plaque somewhere else (possibly on the tee pad backstop). 

●Exposed Rebar on Hole 1 - Ron Lynch to remedy 

●Sanctioning of Events & MC 

○We are in communication with the city and they are aware we are planning to run the Masters Cup and they have been provided all information regarding the PDGA COVID-19 guidelines 

○April 23-25th for AM weekend, May 28-30th for Pro Weekend 

●Travis Beck (Superintendent of SC P&R) - Santa Cruz opting into the three week SIP order starting on the 14th putting the Membership Drive Monthly (1/2/2021) in the red zone. We cannot have people outside the county traveling to play our event and encouraging them to visit the course. Most likely postponed to another date TBD 

○We were thinking about a work party for December but that may need to be rescheduled to later in January 

●Treasurer Update ○Braden C. stepping down from his position as Treasurer since he will be moving out of the area for the majority of the year 

○Stan has offered to reassume the position he held for many years 

○Difficulties with getting the 501(3)C back. The law firm or the IRS dropped the ball. We have resubmitted - we don't have to repay but it has been a very frustrating process. 

○Financially deposited $469 (membership $ + Iron Ranger) 

○$8,452 currently in our account Club Officer Positions: 

●Current Positions: Matt (Interim President), Keenan (Interim VP), ??? (Secretary), Treasurer (Braden) 

●Course Maintenance Officer - Tom would like to partner with Joe Nama on this position ○Sean was wearing this hat while here. He partnered with Joe on a ton of work. When Sean left, Joe & Tom stepped up big time. 

○Matt nominates Tom & Joe to be our Course Maintenance Officers ●Social Media Representatives (Matt, Britta, Keenan, Leah) 

○Plan to continue exposure on all social media platforms in 2021 ●Club Membership Officer - Peter Kline 

○Peter lives not far from the course and is able to get up to the course and sell memberships

○We are not going to put old bag tags or new ones in the shack. We will put up a Facebook post and it will get bumped up to the top of the page and people can comment if they want a bag tag and then we can connect them with Peter and then he can meet up with them. Ron Lynch to assist if needed. 

●Club Events Officer Position ○Cesar has wanted to step away from this position. We owe a lot to Cesar for the work he has done as the Club Events Officer such as being the mastermind behind the rolling start monthlies - We still need his assistance for the spreadsheet but his position is vacant 

○Ian Sun & Ron Lynch are willing and able. 

○Ron Lynch has experience running events in ultimate frisbee and Ian is currently planning an event. 

●Treasurer Nomination 

○Stan Pratt to return as treasurer in 2021 

■Promises the 501(3)C back in 2021 - all of our activity hinges on the status of this 

■Per Stan : “I can do a report on it later. We have a firm working for us in that. I’m starting the process over with them, and we are gathering tax information needed again for it. Covid screwed us with the IRS on the last try is what they said” 

●Club Secretary - Vacant position 

○Roles include: take notes, make event pages on Facebook, record discussions that take place during our meetings, reliable people that can help take care of major decisions within the course. 

○Keenan and Matt have discussed whether anybody would be interested - Ian Sun to step up. 

●Vice President - Keenan stepped up to be the Interim VP when Sean left. Threw in his hat and seconded. 

●President - Matt Beatty ○Matt has been interim president since Sean’s departure and will continue to do so in 2021 

○Braden warned Matt that being the Masters Cup TD AND the Club President is a huge undertaking 

●The Shack Discussion ○When Mark K. left, we had an opportunity to take over the shack. At the time, no disc golfer was prepared to take over the shack business 

○Jamie Loustalot and the Golf Course took it over as an extension of their vending permit for the golf course