Hole #25

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"The last three holes take you up a mountainside once again. The teepad for hole 25 (formerly #1) sits across the OB inlet road from the parking lot, nestled in a shady grove of oaks with the only opening looking out toward the basket. Bushes and trees line the beginning of the fairway, which quickly opens to a mostly grassless flat clearing with a tree-covered hillside on the left and the OB road on the right. The short basket lies behind a large oak in the middle of the fairway, precariously placed on sloping hard-pack dirt near the road. Righthanders have a nice ace-run route with hyzers high around the oak and over the OB road. The long placement is not only 100 feet further on the same type of hard, rutted ground, it is also significantly uphill as well, making par a challenge. At least it's mostly wide open!" (internet archive)