Hole #22

This is the perfect hole to follow the frustrating congested shortness of 21. The fairway is as open as any on the course until about 40 feet before the basket, where a big bushy oak tree and several other pesky small oak trunks very effectively guards and even surrounds the chains. An access road runs right through the middle of and parallel with the fairway but doesn't come into play until the end of a throw, where a disc might skip on it and get some extra distance. Those without strong arms roll this hole because it's long and slightly but steadily uphill, but the big arms break out the testosterone/estrogen. Lefties can aim for the gap to the left of the oak tree, and if both good and lucky the disc will hit the gap as it fades right toward the protected green. Because a wall of foliage juts out near the right of the teepad for 50 feet, rightie airshots must drift long and slightly right for 350 feet before stabilizing left toward the basket. Any drives (nearly all) not making it to the other side of the monster oak results in highly technical upshots through or high up and around it. (internet archive)

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