Hole #23

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For those who can control their disc, 23 is a great birdie opportunity. The back of the teepad borders the parking lot on this hole with a fairway so wide open your disc can't possibly hit anything. . . for about 200 feet. A moderate downhill slope continues to both pin placements (left and right) then levels out 10-30 feet before the basket. Both placements have dense foliage directly behind and around the outer side of the pin, and a huge oak separates the two. The fairway and baskets are also bordered on all sides by downhill slopes further in, and if your throw is sad enough to reach these you'll have trouble aved) from tee to pin makes for a comparatively open look to the shorter left position, but the long position is another matter. No one opening is more than 10 feet wide, and the steep left-to-right slope encourages all discs to roll clear down to the OB road. Rain makes this hole hard to walk much less play. The short basket location sits 10 feet above and to the left of the (internet archive)