Hole #20

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The narrow path leading back to hole 20 and the parking lot gives one the feeling of returning from a long journey. The path ends right in front of the teepad for hole 20, so chill out if someone is about to throw. This is another hole where the basket locations - straight and right - make for two entirely different holes. The fairway for the straight location drops slowly, then flattens, then drops again to the basket placed on a bushy slope with a low ceiling. Discs must make it around or between oaks on the left and right that come to a 40 foot bottleneck 100 feet from the tee. In the right location, a true dogleg, the entire right side of the fairway is lined with thick trees and bushes wait to snare discs, beyond which lies another wooded canyon. The low ceiling makes getting out much harder than getting in, so don't let your disc go right too soon. Challenging putts become risky with that hard, grassless slope behind the hole that becomes steeper and steeper. (internet archive)