Gregg Barsby shows you how to handle Hole 4 at the infamous DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course in Santa Cruz, CA in preparation for the 2011 PDGA Pro World Championships August 7-13.

How to play Hole #4

Hole 4 is perhaps the second most challenging hole at DeLaveaga, in the long position (SSA around 4). Looking off the tee, the hole plays along the right edge of a plateau, with a steep wooded ravine along the right the entire length. To make matters more difficult, myriad trees and bumpy ground stand between most drives and the basket (see photo below). Most locals choose a 2-finger roller that finishes left. In the short position, laying up for par from this location isn’t very difficult. In the long position, getting to the basket from this location in 2 throws can be very tough.

If one can navigate through the obstacles and get out of the trees and to the left deep down the fairway, they’ll encounter an upshot from an open grassy area (see photo below). While this position offers better upshot opportunities than from the position above, holing out in 2 more throws is still not easy, and requires a skilled upshot. In the long position, the basket is surrounded by extremely fast green, with steep slopes and heavy vegetation behind.

In the 2009 Steady Ed Memorial Masters Cup tournament, Greg Barsby threw a roller ace on hole 4 in the long position (see view from basket below). According to witnesses, the disc appeared to jump off a ramp in the ground or root and fall gently into the chains.

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