Hole 8 is a slightly downhill low ceiling tunnel shot, with a steep right slope, OB road on the left, and a basket position guarded by several trees. Although this hole favors right-handed backhand throwers, this shot can be challenging because too much over-turn will send the disc down to the right into a very thick jungle of small trees (see photo below), while too much hyzer can lead to a skip away to the left that can land OB on or across the road. This hole is also notorious for rollaways.

Approaching the basket, one can see that there is partial protection from OB owing to the large logs that have been placed alongside the road to protect against damage from 4-wheeled vehicles. However, there are openings, and a single chain gate is the only thing present behind the basket to prevent the disc from going OB.

The best perspective of this hole can be gained by looking back up toward the tee (see photo below, with tee indicated by yellow circle). There is no question that playing hole 8 will make one’s mouth water for hitting the perfect line and making a run at the chains!