Hole #24

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Before the expansion to 27 holes, this used to be hole 18. The basket sits next to the parking lot, shrouded by bushy oaks and backed by an overgrown ravine you hopefully won't see up close. The fairway looks very slightly uphill, almost flat, with the wide open fairway for 23 on the left. Like hole 12, the design is masterful because it offers both a high-risk, high-reward route and a safer alternative. Looking from the teepad, the basket is visible at the end of a very long, very low, very narrow tunnel. The chances of getting through completely unscathed are small, and the wooded ravine along the right adds to the risk. Most players throw left around the patch of tall trees that make the left side of the tunnel, turning the disc right toward the basket before it reaches the OB parking lot. (internet archive)