Hole #27
"Top of the World"

You are now looking down from the tee of hole 27, "Top of the World," to the basket 300 feet below and 580 feet away, then the OB road, then the parking lot. Depending on visibility, you also have a great view of the Pacific Ocean as well as the city of Santa Cruz. This is one of the most famous single holes in disc golf. In addition to the incredible view, it challenges you with elevation, plenty of trees, and a basket sitting close to an OB road. A steady line of trees from the middle of the fairway to the right make right-to-left shots impossible for all but the most powerful (and crazy) throwers. For this reason righthanders must throw flat or anhyzer shots. Anything that turns left will either fly into the thick oak grove that covers the tee for 25, or over it and across the road. The direct route is usually best.

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